SAE Magnetics was founded and headquartered in Hong Kong since 1980 by visionary industrialists. The company has evolved to become one of the world's leading independent manufacturer magnetic recording heads for hard disk drives with more than 20,000 employees. SAE became a wholly-owned subsidary of TDK Corporation in 1986.

Research & Development

With its global technology teams in areas covering every aspects of magnetic recording heads including magnetic materials, magnetic multi-layer and head structures, wafer fabrication and ultra-precision manufacturing technologies, SAE is committed to deliver state-of-the-art magnetic recording technologies to the disk drives industries. The manufacturing of SAE begins from wafer fabrication that fabricates magnetic recording heads with magnetic multi-layer structures in nanometer regime. While the wafer fabrication of SAE takes place mainly in Japan and the United States, the bulk of it’s manufacturing in which wafers of magnetic recording heads are assembled into head sub-assemblies, namely Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) and Head Stack Assembly (HSA), are based in two modern facilities located in Dongguan, PRC.

Innovative is deeply woven into Company's culture with great technology and business ideas coming from across the comany organically and through acquisition. With the acquisition of a spin-off company in the development of photonic packaging technologies from the Applied Science & Technology Research Institute of the HKSAR, the Company is full-fledged from development to manufacture in its business of optical components.

The Company holds significant numbers of patents related to magnetic heads and other electronic components. Engineers throughout the company pursue advanced projects and work with our R&D Engineering Centers, Research laboratories and global teams to translate hands-on experience into new technologies.


Products & Solutions

Founding on the core competence established in the business of magnetic recording heads, SAE has made successful business diversification to contract manufacturing of electronic components beginning from 2000. As of today, SAE’s products and services extended not only to data storage devices and componets, also optical components used in both data communication and telecommunication areas, wireless modules, sensors, precisions tooling and machinary fabrication, material science laboratory services, etc.