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Polymer analysis and characterization laboratory possesses many state of the art polymer testing equipment and characterization techniques. The testing capabilities and methods for polymeric materials include Chemical Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Aging Study, Morphology etc. Rich experienced engineers and technician who possesses valuable expertise in polymer offer the services of Materials testing, product quality control, failure analysis, new material development and consultancy.
分析技术手段 Testing techniques
  • 化学分析 Chemical analysis
  • 傅立叶转换红外光谱(Spectrum GX FTIR)
  • 能量色散谱仪 (Oxford EDS)
  • 热裂解气相色谱质谱联用仪(HP6890GC/5973MSD)
  • 热分析 Thermal analysis
  • 光化学差示扫描量热仪(PE PDSC -7)
  • 热失重分析仪(PE TGA-7)
  • 静态热机械分析仪(Seiko TMA SS6100)
  • 动态热机械分析仪(Seiko DMS 6100)
  • 机械性能测试
  • 万能强度试验仪(Shimadzu AGS-5KN Autograph)
  • 微小强度试验仪(Shimadzu MST-1 microautograph)
  • 其它:
  • 应力测试(KYOWA PCD-3000A sensor interface)
  • 粘度测试(Brookfield Viscometer)
  • 电性能测试(Electrical Testing Instruments)
  • 老化试验设备(Thermal cycling, thermal shock, Corrosion gas)
  • 高低倍扫描电镜(Scanning Electron Microscope)

Curing condition investigation by DSC/DPA

Testing of plastics, rubber, sponges threads, adhesive, etc. using universal strength tester

  • 材料鉴别和分类(material identification and classification)
  • 粘合剂研究和开发(adhesive study and development)
  • 失效分析(Failure analysis)
  • 材料性能评估(material property assessment)
  • 污染物鉴别(Contamination identification)
  • 有机挥发物测试(Organic compounds testing)
  • 溶剂残留物测试 (Solvent residue in Ink/Coating/Paint)
  • 老化和相容性研究(aging and compatibility studies)
  • 材料电性能和热性能测试Electrical/Thermal Testing
We have many years of experience in polymer composition determination using FTIR, GC-MS, DSC/TGA and Raman methods. We also have extensive experience on adhesive research and development, and can provide adhesive (including paste and film adhesive, UV or Thermal Cured) curing condition optimization and adhesive curing status analysis.
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